Our Story

Over 60 Years in Business

The Butcher Club

3 Generations, 1 Brand

The Butcher Club believes in top quality service with even better produce.

60 years in the making has led an institution of butchery, serving up the finest cuts, industry leading specials, delicious oven ready meals, tied together with exceptional customer service.

The Butcher Club was born in 2014 in Altona Meadows, this milestone for us was only the beginning. Since then The Butcher Club has continued to open stores across Melbourne and now has 12 stores which can be found here.

Local matters, we are 100% Australian run and owned and we strongly believe in supporting as many Aussie Farmers as possible. All our produce is grass fed, free range and locally sourced.

The Butcher Club is often involved in community events and tries to give back as much as possible. Without our local shoppers, we wouldn’t be here today. We sponsor several football and soccer teams across Melbourne as well as participate in fund raising events with our partner charity, the Superheroes Foundation for Brain Cancer

traditional but innovative

The Butcher Club provides a diverse range of product, from high end steaks, decadent pork, tender lamb, juicy chicken, delicious oven ready meals and fresh seafood.

From adventurous foodies to fussy eaters, no one will go hungry with us. 
Our team is here to help with any questions, requests or recommendations needed when you shop with us.